Disclaimer: Please be advised that everyone's experiences may be different and appropriate treatments may vary. Any medical information that you find on The Romberg's Connection website must NOT serve as a substitute for consultation with one's personal physicians. Our visitors should discuss any specific questions or concerns they may have about Rombergs with health care professionals who are familiar with the specifics of their special case.
As a support group, The Romberg's Connection is unable to offer medical advice to anyone. However, we are presently working on a listing of doctors with Rombergs experience.

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These are just a few of the personal stories of people whose lives have been affected by Rombergs.

We invite everyone, family members as well as affected individuals to tell their stories of how Rombergs has affected their lives. What you write does not have to be a chronicle of your entire life, it can be anything that you'd like to share with all of us. Write as much or as little as you'd like. We will use your first name only.

Please remember while you are reading these stories that Rombergs is a very personal disorder, which affects everyone differently. No two cases are the same. The severity of the symptoms vary from person to person.

Please visit our Parent's Page to read personal stories from the parent's perspective.

Please contact Marilyn at rombergs@hotmail.com for further information.

Here are our stories:

Annette Beverly Craig Debbie Devyn
Fred Heather Jane Jessica Jon
Josh Juan Judy Julie Leanne
Maria Marilyn Martin Paul Petra
Rhonda Robin Ryan Shannon Sherree
Terry Theresa Tracy Tricia Yvonne
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All photos and text are the property of the families represented, and may not be used without their consent.

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