The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

How the Ear is Affected

Page 24. III. Associated Symptoms (page 1 of 4) cont.: Ears affected
1. Please select how the ear is affected:
Affected Reponses
% of Number responding
Hearing loss14
Some atrophy
of the ear canal
Number responding = 42 / percent responding = 29% of total respondents (143).
Note: This was a multiple choice question.
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Page 24. III. Associated Symptoms (page 1 of 4) cont.: Ears affected
2. Comments for Ears affected:
One ear smaller than other.
During my 40's, my ears were tested. The result was a scar on the eardrum of a hole that healed over time. I remember as a child I had sometimes severe earache, which was treated at home.
It's hard for me to hear sometimes, but I was tested and they told me I do not have hearing loss. When I was a child I had chronic ear infections and at one point I had a small hole in my ear due to ear infections. Pus would drain out of my ear canal and the brown spot formed on my neck all at age 8.
Surgery "T Tube" was used to alleviate tight skin over eardrum.
Right ear itself is smaller.
Suspect that parts of the sinus and inner ear are atrophied.
The ear always feels like it is blocked.
no effects
Tinnitis and Meniéres - and pain. The pain is rare - put very strong!
Lost hearing in left ear and needed a hearing aid in order to hear. After surgically moving both upper and lower jaw her hearing returned where she no longer needs the hearing aide. I don't know if the the bones were pressing on the nerve and when moved relieved the pressure on the nerve.
The cartilage is thinner.
The opposite side ear has an almost non-existent ear lobe.
Her hearing is slightly less in the left ear and she has never felt an ear infection in that ear but she does feel them in the right ear.
Low to moderate hearing loss in right ear. Uses FM Device in school.
My hearing isn't affected as far as I know.
Ear is smaller and ear canal is narrower.
Hearing loss is undiagnosed at this time, but I have noticed hearing loss over the last year or so (going back to the specialist later this month and will discuss).
Ear drum, there is scar tissue.
Left ear is smaller than the right.
Everything is muffled... but can't be sure that the PRS caused this as I've had surgery and they cut RIGHT next the ear.
I got the hearing loss but it was due to acoustic neuroma, not Rombergs. The doctor said it's unlikely to associate with Rombergs because the tendency is opposite-- atrophy VS tumor.
One ear is thinner than the other and is positioned differently. Also almost no lower part of the ear (where the earring goes). Hearing is not affected.
Ear sticks out due to sinking in near mandible.
Number responding = 24 / percent responding = 17% of total respondents (143).

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