The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

Comments for Others With Neurological Symptoms

Page 106. VII. Miscellaneous Questions cont.: Others with neurological symptoms
1. Please comment on other family members with neurological symptoms limited to one side of the head:
Mother is experiencing severe migraines with aura.
The left frontal lobe on my sister's head.
Dad had sinus headaches.
Mother has migraines usually affecting only one side of head.
My mom has a history of migraines.
Ashton's maternal Grandmother's migraines were usually limited to one side of her head.
Cluster headaches- brother
Migraine headache
Cousin has migraines, pain located on right side of the brain, left side of the body goes numb for a while. I have had the same thing, it seems to be over now.
Number responding = 10 / percent responding = 7% of total respondents (143).

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Throughout this survey, when we use the term "Rombergs" or "Romberg" we are referring to: "Parry Romberg", "Parry Rombergs", "Parry Romberg Syndrome" and "PRS".

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