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Other Triggers

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1. Please comment on your "Other" ideas for Romberg Triggers:
Trauma from car accident accelerated or re-started symptoms.
Trauma caused by dental work.
Because pregnancy was not confirmed until 5th month, I continued to take birth control pills. Forceps delivery.
I have no idea, nor do my parents, for a cause or trigger as to why I was affected by Rombergs.
As stated in other areas of this survey, I believe that the head trauma experienced at age 5 might have triggered PRS. I also, believe the trauma of having my wisdom teeth pulled at 24 reactivated it.
Head injuries, plus strong family history of autoimmunity. Pregnancies were accelerants.
Had a very difficult birth. Doctor used the suction to extract him... 31 times! Unheard of! He had migraines at birth and was not breathing at first. Emergency situation.
I'm not, I do believe stress makes it worse.
I had taken a series of vaccination against Candida albicans, I was under strong stress at work, I had Herpes Zoster. And I had a history of Thyroid autoimmune disease.
Could be taking out the molar or the accident with my forehead affected.
About two weeks before we noticed the first sign of Rombergs, I had the mumps.
Still suspect that the head injury approximately one year prior to the start of my PR diagnoisis may have been the trigger.
Trauma to the initial side of forehead was beginning of disease process.
Fell on cement stairs.
Injury and virus caused my immune system to become confused. So instead of attacking the virus, it attacked the injured area instead, triggering Rombergs.
Did other people with Rombergs eat a lot of processed/microwaved foods? Patrick loves Michelinas Wheels and Cheese and I regret that I let him eat many, many boxes that were microwaved in the plastic lined box. Has anyone else reported picky eaters who consumed too much of one food? Or, any other food/diet issues?
Forceps delivery. As this head trauma could have affected my eyes as well as face. There was a mark left from the forceps when I was born over the affected side/eye.
Injuries from difficult birth. Possible exposure to ticks as a toddler.(?)
Had a tooth crowned. That very day I noticed the droop in her lip.
As a teenager, I was under quite a bit of emotional stress at the time of tissue loss. It seems to me that each decade of my life has seen a different complication. The initial trauma at ten, major tissue loss at 15, orbital tissue loss at 27, vision complications during 30's, seizures during 40's, I'm 55, I have noticed lack of coordination, thought it was age related.
Sexually abused as a kid, disease started one to two years after. I believe there is a genetic predisposition which was triggered by stress. Mind and body are related.
I had a bad pregnancy and labor with her. She had a rough delivery. Cord around her neck twice she was being a yoyo. She was hitting my pelvis. Bad. We almost died.
Number responding = 22 / percent responding = 15% of total respondents (143).

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