The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

Accelerated During Pregnancy

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1. Please comment on the symptoms accelerating during pregnancy:
Noticed chin and jaw line deteriorating faster then before. Lost most of my top teeth for bone degeneration in my upper palette.
1st pregnancy: facial atrophy became more obvious, 2nd pregnancy: severe hip, back, knee and ankle problems so I was unable to walk.
Skin discolouration and more droopiness to eye lid.
Got worse with each pregnancy.
Noticed an increase in the atrophy during the time period of my 2 pregnancies in my early 20's.... have no idea if it was coincidental or causual.
Vision problems, body feeling stiff all over, not able to walk or do anything. Changes in face, changes in balance, thought and mood problems. Left eye dilation after surgery. Chronic constipation and fatigue. Severe muscle and joint pain, low grade fever, headaches. Overwhelming feeling of feeling ill. Motion sickness. Intolerance to cold temperatures, very tough hard skin in all areas except Rombergs area where it's thin. Very small blood vessels, high blood pressure. Borderline diabetic. Total body pain and weakness. Hypersensitivity to medications. Blood work abnormal.
Number responding = 6 / percent responding = 4% of total respondents (143).

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