The Romberg's Connection 2009 Survey Results

Serious Infection

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1. Please describe serious infections of any kind prior to onset:
Staff infection as a child............... thumb surgery needed, chicken pox, measles and mumps........... I think.
At age 4, had a sore/boil on my head where my brother hit me with a little metal cap gun that became severely infected!
Bad food poisoning a few times within a year.
At birth while still in hospital, I caught staph - I had it all over my head and face.
Strep throat, measles, chicken pox, blood poisoning.
Had atypical pnuemonia in early 2002, 8 months after 9/11. Quite ill for awhile.
Some weeks before onset we observed 2 small centers of inflammation (like mosquito bites) on the right jaw. Inflammations endured for longer time (4 weeks or maybe longer).
My four children all had chicken pox for a month about six weeks before I hit my head. I had never had chicken pox and never got any symptoms and at the time I wasn't tested for it. I got some virus just after I injured my head and was exhausted all the time and had headaches and joint aches. I was tested for glandular fever and Ross River fever and other similar things but seem to have anything. It took six months before I started to get back to normal again!
Strep throat carrier (as far as we know).
Not an infection, but wanted to mention that I had a serious asthma attack at age 18 months, which my mother blames for the PRS. I was in intensive care and came close to not making it during that asthma episode.
Prior to the initial issue of facial pain - child had severe chicken pox and affected side had a number of noticable marks on that side of the face.
Number responding = 12 / percent responding = 8% of total respondents (143).

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