Welcome Friends

Upcoming Get-Togethers

If you are planning a gathering in your part of the world, please let us know so that we can get the word out for you. (please e-mail rombergs@hotmail.com )

We are excited to report that two young ladies in Australia have made Rombergs history with their meeting in Melbourne. We hope that this will be the beginning of a long friendship for them !!

Also, two young girls have become pen pals across the Irish Sea. One lives in County Cork, Ireland and the other lives in Somerset in the UK. Their Mums have also become fast friends.

The Romberg's Connection has been in existence since June 21, 1997. Since that time, we have connected with people from many different counties of the world as well as the United States.

Unfortunately, we have lost contact with some of our members. Please, if you have changed your e-mail address, send an e-mail to rombergs@hotmail.com, and let us know.

If you do not currently have an e-mail address to call your own, please go to our FREE e-mail page to find out how you can get one.

Everyone is welcome to send in a picture (or two) to be included in our Photo Album. You can either e-mail it in to or you can send one in through the mail. All pictures that are mailed in, will be returned upon request. Contact rombergs@hotmail.com for more information.

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